my sweet little family <3

my sweet little family <3

About the Artist

Hello! I am Maleri Jo, a fine art photographer specializing in high school seniors, engagements, and weddings. I am also an independent distributor at SeneGence International experiencing life to the fullest and helping others achieve things they thought only possible in their wildest dreams. 
We all deserve to live in love and abundance. 
I love creating photos full of soft light and happiness. My love is to capture classic&romantic images all while getting to know you. I enjoy creating a laid back atmosphere where you can easily express yourself and have fun. I believe the most beautiful images captured come naturally. I make sessions fun and easy - guiding you step by step through your entire session.
My passion for photography grew from my love of drawing and painting. I think I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil. I have always been particularly in the art of human emotion. Isn't it beautiful? - to be able to capture real human emotion and raw beauty - that is my drive. A perfect second in time - frozen - your forever the treasure.
When I'm not behind my camera I enjoy dancing in the kitchen with my husband and sweet daughter. coffee. music. nature. sarcasm. animals. messy hair. movies. love. travel...and all things make-up.
Thank you for taking the time to view my work. If you would like to chat - click on the :contact: tab above. I'd love to hear from you.
Maleri Jo

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My SeneGence love

Lips: LipSense color "Goddess" and Glossy Gloss. Full face: SeneGence cosmetics. 

LipSense by SeneGence Review

Holy cowabunga!!! My excitement for this company and for these products is unreal. I vividly remember the first time I ever tried LipSense.


I experienced a super embarrassing night out with my sisters in law and our husbands. It was during the fall when black lipstick made a comeback. I was SO excited to rock the current black lipstick trend I scooted to Sephora and purchased a dark lip liner and matching lipstick ( I cannot remember the exact brand) We got all dolled up and went out for drinks. I was feeling on top of the world in my brand new black lipstick. ...if only I would have continued feeling that way.

 As I sipped on my drink throughout the night - I noticed my sisters giggling. I figured this had something to do with my lipstick. I headed to the bathroom - flipped on the light - and almost passed out when I saw my reflection in the mirror. My black lipstick was worn off in the middle and I had black lined lips!!!! I looked like I was dressed up for halloween. I was so embarrassed. I did my best to scrub off the remaining lipstick and liner - only to leave my face red and irritated looking....not to mention the little chunks of black lipstick that were left in some of the crevices of my lips. I told myself right then and there that I would search to find a waterproof lip product that I could wear while I was out and about and not have to worry about it wearing off.

The next morning I hopped on google. I came across LipSense...a product that is made right here in the USA. This lip product claimed to be waterproof, smudge proof, cruelty free, gluten free, and vegan. I also loved the fact that it was lead and wax free. As I researched more - I found out that LipSense works as a 3 piece system (color, gloss, & remover) Any color of your choice is applied to your lips in three thin layers. This color actually molecularly bonds to your lips (crazy lip science) - this is a one of a kind patented formula that is not comparable to any other product on the market. All colors are topped with a gloss to seal in moisture and keep your lips hydrated. ( I was loving the thought of that since I've always struggled with dry lips) When I was reading all of this I was wondering how the heck this product was going to come off if it claimed to be waterproof and smudge proof....that is where the 3rd piece of the 3 piece system comes into play. The Ooops! Remover is specially formulated to break down the bond between the LipSense color and your lips.

After reading all of this...I knew I had to try it. At this point - anything was worth a shot since all other products I had used just did not hold up.  

The first color I tried was "Plum" This is an absolutely gorgeous and definitely bold color. I followed the application instructions included in the cute package I received. After I applied my color - I let it dry for about 10 seconds and applied my top gloss. for the test. I wasn't expecting much when I rubbed my finger across my lips for the first time. But STOP - HOLD THE PHONE....this freaking lip product was NOT coming off. I sort of stared at my finger in disbelief as I continued to swipe it across my lips trying to smudge the color.  I instantly called my mom and told her about this product. She had never heard of LipSense before. I continued to tell my family and friends and they were all in awe.


Fast forward to a few moths later...I found out that I could actually join SeneGence and get a discount on all of their products. The discount is ALWAYS 20-50% off - YES PLEASE! At this point I didn't even know they had an entire makeup and anti - aging line (which I would later fall in love with!) I signed up only cost $55 to join and there are no monthly fees or quotas. Right away I made a video showing all of my friends and family this crazy product and how it doesn't come off. I used white toilet paper and rubbed it on my lips immediately after applying my bold color - and of course the toilet paper remained white and my lip color remained perfect and intact. My family and friends wanted to try it out. They all fell in love and after using the product a bunch of them came back asking me for info to join the company because all of their family and friends also loved it. ....and the rest is history.


Here I am just 9 months later. We have purchased a new home, I paid off my vehicle in full, I have paid off my student loans in full, I am personally debt free and I am earning 5 figures a month. The company also has AMAZING incentives. I am vehicle qualified, I have earned an all inclusive trip to COSTA RICA for my husband and myself, and I am currently earning an all inclusive trip to DISNEY for my entire family. <3 <3 <3 Is this real life?

It is now my goal to share this with as many women as possible and help create leaders in the business. It is possible to change lives. I have cried and cried with my girls discussing how this company has blessed their lives. This is real. This is happening now...and everyone needs to know about it. So many women put themselves in a bubble. They limit themselves thinking "this is it".....but there is SO MUCH MORE! If you have big dreams - If you have a gut feeling telling you that there is something more ...please contact me! I would love to chat.

This is our world ...we are living in it. The extent to which you experience this life is up to you. 

I have chosen to live in love and abundance. I have chosen happiness. I have chosen to help others achieve the same.


XO Maleri Jo



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