| while you were sleeping |

Most of the time when I post on here -  I'm feeling spunky. Today is a little different. 

On a normal day - June would do something ridiculous that would inspire me to post or snap a photo. Today - there was just silence. ...and it was the silence that spoke to me. 

As I've mentioned before - it is a very rare occurrence for me to watch June sleep (other than on the baby monitor) She has always slept in her crib and RARELY falls asleep anywhere else. ...I mean even if it's midnight and she's been partying hard - she's going to stick it out until her head hits her crib mattress. 


It was time to leave the house so I walked into June's room with Mack on my hip to wake her up. My eyes met her face - her sweet sleeping face. To watch a child sleep is such an amazing experience. As parents we can sort of giggle because many times "nap time" is considered a golden hour or amazing because of the fact that we get a little bit of silence. In this instance...I considered this moment golden because I was able to stand there and let myself be completely overwhelmed with love for my child. I considered this moment golden as I watched her little body rest while the warm sunlight poured in on her innocent skin. Her chest moved up and down slowly with each calm breath - radiating peace. This is who I am meant to be. I am her mother - I am their mother. I am here to love and be loved by them. 

I couldn't bare to wake her - so Mack and I went into our room and spent some time playing with his toes and watching the trees sway in the wind outside. After a few minutes June woke up and we went about our day. 


Many times Pandora is playing in my vehicle. Today - after I experienced June's blissful rest - I decided to turn on the radio. Of course the song "You're Gonna Miss This" by Trace Adkins was on the radio. My eyes filled and tears began to roll down my cheeks. 


Some days are long. Some naps are short ...but do your absolute best to really take in and appreciate every moment. Live in the moment. Love more - worry less. They're only little for so long. They need you. To them - you are perfect. You are their everything. You're doing great, mamma! Keep on keepin' on.


XO Maleri Jo



| with a lot of love ...and a little lint |


tis the season

to eat cereal with a retractable back scratcher

Do you ever feel like you're all over the place? - whether it is in your business life or your personal life ...just trying to "figure it all out"

Lately in my efforts to "re- brand" myself or come up with some grand scheme of what my business will look like...I've come to the realization I've been trying all too hard. A woman over thinking something?.....well you don't say.

Unlike some others - I want my business life and personal life to have the opportunity to be merged (because I can) I want to be completely surrounded by things I am passionate about on a daily basis...and make a career out of them. When you're doing what you love and are able to live day in and day out surrounded by things you're passionate about ....you'll "never work a day in your life"

Well, well, well....that sounds pretty great doesn't it?

Most of ya'll know (<--I'm going to start using the word "y'all" because I like it) my sweet daughter, June. She has had quite the presence in my social media life over the last year. She is a little over two years old and she is a spitfire. She's a sour patch kid. She's the Energizer bunny. She's the peanut butter to my jelly. She can be easily recognized by her mis-matched pajamas she sports on a regular basis She is also infamous for her super gnarly hair dos. Her hair has a mind of it's own and wants the world to know that it has control over this little girl's head ...so that's getting a little dramatic - but for real.

The older I get - the more I realize just how fast the time flies. My baby girl is no longer my baby. She is independent and smart. She teaches me new things every day. I am not going to miss out on her eating cereal with a retractable back scratcher. I am not going to miss out on my son's first steps.

What is my brand? - it's my lifestyle. I am a mom. I am a wife. I am a business owner. I love beauty. I love coffee. I love music. I love animals. I love sarcasm. I love awkward dancing. I am normal. I am taking my ordinary lifestyle and turning it into an extraordinary life. Truly. I have been able to take all of these things and completely change my life with them through a career that really works - A career that has allowed me to live in love and abundance...simply by staying true to who I am. I have the satisfaction of helping others feel beautiful on a daily basis. Aside from that - I also have helped over 1000 women start their own journey to living in love and abundance.

Stay true to who YOU are...because you're enough.

I am going to continue squeezing my babies, dreaming about coffee IVs, helping others feel beautiful, and changing the world one woman at a time. Why? - because I can. This is our world and we are living in it. The extent to which you experience it is completely up to you.

Without further ado - here are a few photos of June in her new favorite footie pajamas putting reindeer ears on Mack's puppy. ...and of corse rocking that sweet hairdo with a little bit of lint in the mix. 

Also enjoy a few other photos of my son and husband being festive ;)

Tis the season

XO Maleri Jo

|when life hands you....turds|

No - not lemons. We all know that we make lemonade with lemons ...or a nice alcoholic lemon drop martini - whatever floats your boat.


...but what do you do when life hands you turds? Are you going to make turd burgers for your whole family? NOT ME - that's for damn sure. You know why?....because no one likes a turd burger.


What are some things I can do with all of these turds that life has handed me? ...I can attempt to put them to good use. Maybe I'll plant a garden and use them to fertilize my plants. That would be productive. Otherwise - what use do I have for turds? - none really. So...I think I'll just choose to bag them up and throw them out. I am not going to put them in my back pocket (that would be messy and disgusting) - I am not going to carry them around with me. ...I am going to let them go. 


When life hands me undesirable things - I don't go spreading them around like wildfire. I do not force other people to eat the turds. So many people throw turds around like confetti....almost forcing them to get stuck in other people's hair and/or mouths. 


Don't be a turd spreader. 


Happy Saturday!

XO Maleri Jo

| what happens when you get over your damn self |

blog copy.jpg

For years I coasted. LOL.....it sounds like I'm speaking about a "lifetime" of coasting - but even a few years of accepting mediocre happiness seems like a lifetime.

...what changed it all? - I got over my damn self. 


If there is one thing I would like to make clear - it is that YOU and only you are in control of your mind. Your thoughts are your own ...unless you're being brainwashed which I'm assuming is highly unlikely. Oh, you're letting your past define you? - stop. Oh, you're not happy right now? - why? Happiness begins with the active choice to think "I'm happy" ...pretty simple right? All thoughts you begin your day with - and all words you begin conversations with - project onto what is to follow. When you wake up in the morning - if you tell yourself you're going to have a great day....you're more likely to continue throughout your day with positive thoughts - therefore leading to a more productive day. Aid to your quality of life with your thoughts. When you start off conversations on positive notes....the rest of the conversation will naturally follow an optimistic path. Aid to your quality of life with your words. .


Don't let yourself become heavy. The moment you choose to let go of things you cannot control - you take a leap forward. Why?....because you are choosing to become lighter. Do not become heavy. Do not let petty things weigh you down. When you are heavy - you cannot grow. We are meant to grow. We are meant to flourish.....and SO many of you are just coasting. You are letting irrelevant things weigh you down...yes - I'd say most of those things that you're stuck on are irrelevant when you compare them to the bigger picture. Surround yourself with others who desire to grow and experience life in love and abundance. This is your world - you are living in it......and the extent to which you experience it is up to YOU .....I'd say that's pretty exciting. 


It's hard to let things go - but you need to ....because right now - in this moment - you can be exactly who you desire to be. You are ultimately the key to your own success in EVERY aspect of your life. You are not defined by your past. Okay, okay...you're stuck on the fact that there are things in your past you would change - or things in your past you aren't happy about ....want to know why it is still lingering around - DING DING DING - because you're CHOOSING to let it. Take a deep breath in and                let it go!


love more

worry less

....and when you do, things will start to fall into place -beautiful, amazing things.


XO Maleri Jo