| with a lot of love ...and a little lint |


tis the season

to eat cereal with a retractable back scratcher

Do you ever feel like you're all over the place? - whether it is in your business life or your personal life ...just trying to "figure it all out"

Lately in my efforts to "re- brand" myself or come up with some grand scheme of what my business will look like...I've come to the realization I've been trying all too hard. A woman over thinking something?.....well you don't say.

Unlike some others - I want my business life and personal life to have the opportunity to be merged (because I can) I want to be completely surrounded by things I am passionate about on a daily basis...and make a career out of them. When you're doing what you love and are able to live day in and day out surrounded by things you're passionate about ....you'll "never work a day in your life"

Well, well, well....that sounds pretty great doesn't it?

Most of ya'll know (<--I'm going to start using the word "y'all" because I like it) my sweet daughter, June. She has had quite the presence in my social media life over the last year. She is a little over two years old and she is a spitfire. She's a sour patch kid. She's the Energizer bunny. She's the peanut butter to my jelly. She can be easily recognized by her mis-matched pajamas she sports on a regular basis She is also infamous for her super gnarly hair dos. Her hair has a mind of it's own and wants the world to know that it has control over this little girl's head ...so that's getting a little dramatic - but for real.

The older I get - the more I realize just how fast the time flies. My baby girl is no longer my baby. She is independent and smart. She teaches me new things every day. I am not going to miss out on her eating cereal with a retractable back scratcher. I am not going to miss out on my son's first steps.

What is my brand? - it's my lifestyle. I am a mom. I am a wife. I am a business owner. I love beauty. I love coffee. I love music. I love animals. I love sarcasm. I love awkward dancing. I am normal. I am taking my ordinary lifestyle and turning it into an extraordinary life. Truly. I have been able to take all of these things and completely change my life with them through a career that really works - A career that has allowed me to live in love and abundance...simply by staying true to who I am. I have the satisfaction of helping others feel beautiful on a daily basis. Aside from that - I also have helped over 1000 women start their own journey to living in love and abundance.

Stay true to who YOU are...because you're enough.

I am going to continue squeezing my babies, dreaming about coffee IVs, helping others feel beautiful, and changing the world one woman at a time. Why? - because I can. This is our world and we are living in it. The extent to which you experience it is completely up to you.

Without further ado - here are a few photos of June in her new favorite footie pajamas putting reindeer ears on Mack's puppy. ...and of corse rocking that sweet hairdo with a little bit of lint in the mix. 

Also enjoy a few other photos of my son and husband being festive ;)

Tis the season

XO Maleri Jo