My Journey

sometimes things just happen...



As I'm sure you know by now...I'm Maleri Jo! I am a mom. I am a wife. I am a business owner. I love beauty. I love coffee (and other adult beverages). I love music. I love animals. I love sarcasm. I love awkward dancing. I am normal. I am taking my ordinary lifestyle and turning it into an extraordinary life. I have been a professional photographer for years. It is my passion to make others feel beautiful, happy, and fulfilled. 

A year ago something just sort of happened...and I'm going to tell you about it. 



I experienced a super embarrassing night out with my sisters in law and our husbands. It was during the fall when black lipstick made a comeback. I was SO excited to rock the current black lipstick trend I scooted to Sephora and purchased a dark lip liner and matching lipstick ( I cannot remember the exact brand) We got all dolled up and went out for drinks. I was feeling on top of the world in my brand new black lipstick. ...if only I would have continued feeling that way.

 As I sipped on my drink throughout the night - I noticed my sisters giggling. I figured this had something to do with my lipstick. I headed to the bathroom - flipped on the light - and almost passed out when I saw my reflection in the mirror. My black lipstick was worn off in the middle and I had black lined lips!!!! I looked like I was dressed up for halloween. I was so embarrassed. I did my best to scrub off the remaining lipstick and liner - only to leave my face red and irritated looking....not to mention the little chunks of black lipstick that were left in some of the crevices of my lips. I told myself right then and there that I would search to find a waterproof lip product that I could wear while I was out and about and not have to worry about it wearing off.

The next morning I hopped on google. I came across a product line made right here in the USA.

Fast forward to a few moths later...I found out that I could actually join this company. $55 to join and there are no monthly fees or quotas. I LOVED that. I was also surprised to find out they offer an entire makeup line, skin care line, perfumes...and were regularly releasing new products. Right away I made a video showing all of my friends and family this crazy product. My family and friends wanted to try it out. They all fell in love and after using the product a bunch of them came back asking me for info to join the company because all of their family and friends also loved it. ....and the rest is history.


Here I am. We have purchased a new home, I paid off my vehicle in full, I have paid off my student loans in full, I am personally debt free and I am earning 5 figures a month. The company also has AMAZING incentives. I am vehicle qualified, I have earned an all inclusive trip to COSTA RICA for my husband and myself, and my team and the women I interact with on a regular basis are like nothing I could have imagined. I am telling you these things because I am still in shock that this is my life- our life. I am a normal woman. A lot of days are messy. A lot of days I have to force myself to put pants on (most of the time those "pants" are yoga pants...let's be honest)..but life is so incredibly beautiful. There is so much to experience. I want this for every woman in the world because YOU deserve it.  

It is now my goal to share this with as many women as possible and help create leaders in the business. It is possible to change lives...and we are doing it regularly. I have cried and cried with my girls discussing how this company has blessed their lives. This is real. This is happening now...and everyone needs to know about it. So many women put themselves in a bubble. They limit themselves thinking "this is it".....but there is SO MUCH MORE! If you have big dreams - If you have a gut feeling telling you that there is something more ...please contact me! I would love to chat about what has been going on. 

This is our world ...we are living in it. The extent to which you experience this life is up to you. 

I have chosen to live in love and abundance. I have chosen happiness. I have chosen to help others achieve the same. We are built on strong morals and offer an opportunity to a career that really works. 


XO Maleri Jo